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What did Icardi mean with his post-match statements?

The Argentinian striker hinted after the Genoa match to a possible exit in the upcoming summer transfer market.

Pier Marco Tacca/Getty Images

Wednesday night was a very disappointing time for every Inter supporter, not only because of the result of the match but also because of what Mauro Icardi told to Mediaset after the game.

"I want to play in the Champions League, I'm here to win with this club, but if any offers come in, then they have to talk with the club. I'm only focused on playing right now" Icardi said.  "While it is still mathematically possible, we'll keep trying, even though the Champions League is practically gone now. There are four games to go and we've got to try our best, even if we're fighting with Roma, who are a very strong side"

Icardi saidsome really obvious things, like wanting to play in the CL and the fact that all hopes of a third place finish for the Nerazzurri are almost certainly gone now that they are down seven points to Roma. Then he said other obvious, yet unexpected things, i.e. the ones about the offers he may receive this summer.

Maurito has always pledged total allegiance to the black and blue colors, firmly dismissing every rumor of him being linked to other clubs. This time, he made clear that he may receive offers (duh) and instead of his usual "I love Inter and I want to play here forever" answer he did not rule out the possibility of leaving the club, even though he implicitly wanted us to know that he's not the one who wants out, but if he leaves it's because it's what Inter's upper echelon want.

Icardi's departure this summer would totally make sense though (unfortunately). He is one of the youngest and best poachers in the game right now and it would be totally comprehensible if his desire of playing in the Champions League would make him decide to leave his club for a stronger one. Also, without the CL money, Inter will have to find the cash to pay for the loans with purchasing obligations made in the past year(s) somewhere and Icardi's sale would be a big help for that.

It may not be the time to hit the panic button but it surely is the moment for us Inter-addicted people to start thinking about a sad, Icardi-less future for our club.