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Inter and Suning Group in advanced talks

The potential Chinese investors arrived in Milan today to continue negotiations and it looks like a deal will be struck soon.

Tom Dulat/Getty Images

Some say money makes the world go round. If that's the case then Inter's finances aren't helping the world spin any faster. The final years of Massimo Moratti's reign as president saw Inter hemorrhaging money, and while Thohir's arrival saw the Nerazzurri making some bigger purchases again, the club has still consistently been in the red each year. More investment is needed to boost this club, and it looks like the club is going to get it soon.

Thohir had hired Goldman Sachs to find new investors for the club, and it seems that Chinese company Suning Group will be joining the Inter family. There had been some initial negotiations earlier, but today representatives from the company arrived in Milan to advance those talks and hopefully reach a resolution. It looks like they will be buying a 20% stake in the club for a figure of around €50-€60m. Despite some talk that this deal would include Moratti retaking his role as president of the club, those rumors were shot down and it looks like Thohir will be continuing on as president.

I will admit when I first heard about Suning Group considering investing in Inter, I didn't believe it. I didn't think that somebody would be willing to shell out that kind of money for a minority control of the club, but now it looks like this deal actually might happen. Hopefully these new investors will allow the club to keep their star players, make some strong moves in the transfer market, help figure out what Inter will be doing about its stadium issue, and help return Inter to its former glory.