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Confirmation that Chinese investment will arrive

Suning Group released a statement confirming that the company plans to partner with Inter

Marco Luzzani/Getty Images

The Suning Group met with Thohir and other officials from Inter this weekend to talk about potential investment and they even stuck around to watch the win against Udinese. Clearly they liked what they say because today they released an official statement confirming that they are looking to create a "strategic cooperation" with Inter.

It looks like this deal will be more than just buying a minority stake in the club to boost cash, Suning Group is looking to expand the club's profile in China while also improving on the game in China as a whole. There have been rumors that this partnership has the backing of the Chinese government with the goal of adding new experts to the Chinese league that help make their league into a major power.

Until a deal is officially signed (which some say could happen in a soon as a couple of weeks while others say it won't happen until the summer) it is impossible to tell what kind of connections will be established between Inter and the Chinese Super League, but since The Suning Group already owns Jiangsu Suning there could be at least a connection similar to the one Inter has with D.C. United. All we can do is wait, but confirmation that there is impending cash and an international partnership should make Inter fans excited.