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Mancini not happy with Simeone talk

Diego Simeone recently spoke of his desire to coach Inter, and Mancini was quick to remind people that he is still in charge.

Valerio Pennicino/Getty Images

When Inter fans talk about their dream manager for the club, one of the names that always comes up is Diego Simeone. The current Atletico Madrid coach played for Inter from 1997 to 1999 and won the UEFA cup with the Nerazzurri, so he would find a home with fans welcoming him with open arms. In addition to his past, his time as manager of Atletico Madrid has made him one of the most sought after coaches in the world right now, breaking up the Barcelona-Real Madrid duopoly in La Liga and taking his team the the Champions League semifinal twice in three years. It goes without saying that fans definitely want to see him at Inter.

It looks like those feelings are mutual. A few days ago Simeone spoke to the press about how he talks to Javier Zanetti regularly, and confirmed that one day he plans to take over the managerial role at Inter. There have been rumors about his desire to return to Italy before but to hear him come out and admit that he plans to come to the club made a lot of people very happy.

One person who wasn't so happy however was Roberto Mancini. The current Inter coach has brushed off rumors of his departure before, but this one seemed to get a little under his skin. When talking to Premium Sport he said that he would be happy for Simeone to arrive at Inter at some point, but there cannot be two coaches at a club at the same time. He followed it up by saying, "we'll see when I'll leave". Mancini, Zanetti, and Thohir have all talked about the Italian staying in the head coach position at least until his contract runs out but new investors could see bringing in Simeone as a great way to win over the hearts of the Inter fans.

While Mancini will likely stay for another season, he did give a hint as to where he could go later. When the Italian National Team role was brought up he talked about how it was a position that does not get offered very often and said that "when one is offered the national team job he has to accept".

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