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Fans show their loyalty to Inter

Despite all the ups and downs so far this season, Inter has had the highest attendance levels of Serie A.

Marco Luzzani/Getty Images

This season has been a bit of a ride. First there was the incredible run of form in the first half of the season where the team was grinding out 1-0 wins one after another. Then there was the collapse that occurred in the Lazio match that lasted pretty much until the win over Juventus in the Coppa Italia. A couple of good results followed until the most recent implosion yesterday against Torino. Throughout all of this the fans have stuck with the team and supported them, both from the stands and from their televisions.

According to, Inter has had the highest attendance of any club so far this season. That statistic includes both home and away matches. Wherever the team has played they have been able to take the pitch knowing that their fans have been there to cheer them on no matter what happens.

This season might not end with the club reaching its goal of achieving Champions League football. That is disappointing but if that does occur the team will regroup over the summer and hopefully make some changes to the squad that will enable them to push for that goal in the 16/17 season. When they step out on the pitch for the first time next season they can do so in the knowledge that their fans will be there through thick and thin, supporting pazza Inter.