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Jovetic throws shade at Mancini in post-match statements, could face fine by Inter

Not cool JoJo, not cool.

Marco Luzzani/Getty Images

The news of Jovetic's arrival last summer was received with mild and hopeful enthusiasm, especially because he was snatched from Manchester City with a pretty good deal: an 18-month loan with a €3M fee plus the obligation to pay at the end of the loan set at €12M. The trepidation for his signing was immediately rewarded with a wonderful start of the season by the Montenegrin who scored three decisive goals in his first two matches as a Nerazzurro. After that, he got into a descending parabola spaced out just by a few good moments, like the goal and the assist against Napoli in the Coppa Italia quarterfinals and the double against Udinese three weeks ago.

Then, after a decent performance in a win against Empoli last week he told this:

This post-match rant  came as a bit as a surprise. It was reported just a few days earlier that he was happy with his time at Inter so far and  that he hoped to play again for this team next season to increase his chemistry with Mauro Icardi. In these statements he didn't directly say that he wants out from Inter, probably because he actually wants to stay in Milan for at least another year, but he surely wanted to criticize Mancini's decision of not using him as much as he was promised at the start of the season.

Jojo could arguably have the right to take shots against his manager, but if he does he should remember the long periods he was reportedly injured -- and still his National team called him up -- and all the lackluster performances he piled up during the season. Also, this type of topic should be brought up with the person concerned and not in front of the cameras where everyone can hear you but no one can answer back.

Because of his polemical statements Stevan could face a fine from Inter, which rightfully considered his words disrespectful. Samir Handanovic made some comments after the match too, but he just expressed his desire of playing in the Champions League, dropping a hint of a possible transfer involving him this summer. The Slovenian kept his spirit quiet, as always, and he won't be punished for his statements.