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Icardi, Perisic, and Handanovic will miss the Sassuolo match

That really sucks...for AC Milan

Sad Perisic is back
Sad Perisic is back
Tullio M. Puglia/Getty Images

Hey turns out there's one more match left this season. I know after the win against Empoli 4th place and Europa League was guaranteed so it's easy to just shift focus towards prepping for next season (and all the summer tournaments) but before all of Mancini's players depart there is one final game against Sassuolo. This could actually be a pretty significant match, though not for points, bonuses, or even pride. This match is important solely for potential trolling.

As the Serie A table currently reads, Sassuolo are in 6th place one point ahead of AC Milan. Our cousins take on AS Roma in their final match of the season hoping for a victory against the side currently in 3rd but know that the team from the capital will also be gunning for a win in case Napoli slip up so they can sneak into 2nd (and avoid the Champions League qualification round). Even if Milan win, they will have to hope that Inter take points off Sassuolo so that they can reach 6th place. If that does not occur they would have to win against Juventus in the Coppa Italia final (good luck with that) in order to play in the Europa League next season.

So here's where the trolling comes in. I know players are always supposed to step onto the pitch trying to win but I'm sure the thought of screwing over their rivals has crossed the minds of the Inter players over the past few days. In addition, with Ivan Perisic and Samir Handanovic suspended plus Mauro Icardi injured (thigh injury) Sassuolo have a much better chance of winning even if Inter do try their hardest to win. The way I look at this match is I just want to see the players put in a decent showing, maybe let a couple of the youngsters play, and see what happens. If the team win, cool. If the Nerazzurri lose, I'll get a laugh out of how screwed AC Milan are.