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FIFA rules in favor of Inter

Sunderland has been ordered to pay Inter for Ricky Alvarez

Gabriele Maltinti/Getty Images

A story that has dragged on for years might finally be coming to a happy conclusion (for Inter at least). Back in 2014 Ricky Alvarez was send to Premier League side Sunderland on loan, with a clause in the contract stating that if the club avoided relegation that season they would have to buy Alvarez. The English side did escape the drop but refused to dish out the money because they claimed that his injury problems that limited him to only 17 appearances in all competitions (and just 5 starts) meant that they should be able to get out of their purchasing clause. Eventually Inter got tired of arguing about it and took the case to FIFA to be arbitrated.

Now FIFA has decided that Sunderland were obligated to keep to the previously arraigned contract so they owe the Nerazzurri €10.5m. It is believed that Alvarez playing for Sampdoria since January damaged Sunderland's claims that the 28 year old was too broken down to be an effective player and worth the money.

Now there is a chance that this will go on further. Sunderland have the ability to appeal this decision and while they have been quiet since the decision was handed down, there is a chance they could appeal and hope for a reversal. Inter will most likely want the money as soon as possible so they can use it in the summer transfer market, so hopefully now that FIFA has made their decision this story can come to a quick conclusion.