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Thohir announces his "untouchables"

Inter President Erick Thohir talked about which players he would not sell along with other topics in an interview.

Photo by Tom Dulat/Getty Images

Erick Thohir gave some interviews recently in which he spoke in detail about his plans for the club looking towards the future. The Inter president talked about Financial Fair Play and the upcoming transfer market, the potential Chinese investment, and even touched upon the whole stadium dilemma.

When talking about the summer transfer market one of the points he stressed was that there would not be another summer of major upheaval like last year. He emphasized that there would probably only need to be a couple of signings that were necessary to complete the team, though I would imagine if important players are sold then replacements for them would also be found. He talked about how he plans to support Mancini in the transfer market but also that he expects some of the Primavera players to be promoted to the senior squad to help Inter fight on three fronts next season.

Since there aren't going to be a lot of new faces at the club it seems that adhering with Financial Fair Play will not be as much of an issues and as a result Thohir is looking to keep his star players around. He specifically brought up Miranda, Mauro Icardi, and Ivan Perisic as players that he wants to make sure are playing for Inter next season. In terms of finances he praised Inter fans for having the highest average attendance in Serie A (which helps bring more money to the club) while also stressing the importance of the International Champions Cup in the USA this summer which will bring the club some revenue from tickets, sponsorships and television coverage while also exposing potential new fans to the team.

The United States isn't the only market Thohir is looking to expand Inter's presence in, he also wants the club to have more exposure in China. The deal that is still being negotiated with the Suning Group would vastly help with this, though he also wants them to provide investment that will help the club grow. One way that investment could help the club is with its stadium issue. For quite some time now there has been uncertainty on if both Milanese clubs would stay at the San Siro or if one would leave. Thohir said that Inter did not want to waste anymore time and that they would be working alongside AC Milan to resolve the San Siro issue soon.