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Four players set to leave Inter this summer

Inter will need money to fill the voids in his squad and these four players could be let go/sold to spare some cash.

Maurizio Lagana/Getty Images

Even the Micawbers finally gave up hope on finishing in third place now that Roma are 10 points ahead of Inter with just two matches to play before the end of the season. So now that the seasonal target has been missed, and with it all the money that Inter would have received for the CL qualification, it's time to think about the upcoming transfer market.

Telles and Ljajic will probably leave Inter this summer. They did not impress during the season -- and it could be pointed out that Mancini may have left them on the bench too much to allow them to stand out -- so their option to buy won't be paid and they will head back to their original clubs. The Brazilian showed some potential but it looks like Inter is interested in signing Caner Erkin on a free transfer instead of taking up his €8.5M clause, while the Montenegrin confirmed the behavioral issues he was known for and it looks like the relationship between him and Mancio never thrived.

The next one is Jovetic, who doesn't have the same clause of the aforementioned players. His deal includes an obligation to buy set at €14.5M, which is not exorbitant given his talent but it's too much considering his physical shape and his performance in the second half of the season. Jojo has some chances to stay but if Ausilio receives offers higher than the price Inter has to pay to keep him, Stevan will probably be sold just like what happened to Shaqiri last summer.

Of the players who can be sacrificed Felipe Melo is one of the stronger candidates. Mancio wanted him really bad this summer and thought he could be a leader for this team during the season too, but being a warrior and playing good football are two non-exclusive, yet different things and that fact was clear every time Felipe played that. It's unclear how much market value he would have but if offers are coming in he better have his luggage ready.