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Kovacic has no plans to return to Inter with Mancini in charge

Mateo Kovacic refused to rule out Juventus and Milan, but guaranteed he won't play for Mancini again.

Photo by Denis Doyle/Getty Images

As we all remember, last summer our young midfield magician Mateo Kovacic moved to Real Madrid for €29m (which later became €31m after his team won the Champions League). While Kovacic did get some silverware he did not get much playing time for the La Liga side, prompting suggestions that he might make a move this summer. Just to rub salt in the wounds of Inter fans, reports have indicated that both Juventus and AC Milan are interested in bringing the Croatian playmaker to their respective clubs. Much of this has been speculation but now Kovacic has spoken about these rumors while also taking a swipe at his former coach.

When the topic was brought up in an interview with SportMediaset Kovacic said that after spending two and a half years at Inter he feels like he is an Inter fan, though he cannot rule out the possibility of a move to either Juventus or AC Milan in the future. He then turned on Mancini saying that he would not return to Inter while Roberto Mancini is the head coach. The 22 year old said that he had problems with the Italian tactician but would not go into any further details.

It looks like Kovacic isn't exactly eager to move to Juventus or AC Milan but is still considering his options. What is clear is that Mateo will not play again for Inter as long as Mancini is around. Hey, maybe the Suning Group will do a double raid in Madrid and get both Diego Simeone and Kovacic, that would certainly be one way to start to win the hearts of the Inter supporters.