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Inter deciding between Gabriel Jesus and Yaya Toure

Inter only has one non-EU slot remaining for two potential players.

Alexandre Schneider/Getty Images

After adding Caner Erkin and Ever Banega to the Inter roster, Piero Ausilio is still looking to bring new faces to the club. There are two players that Roberto Mancini wants at the club, though the club will only be able to sign one of them due to only having one non-EU slot remaining for next season.

The first player is young attacker Gabriel Jesus. The 19 year old is owned by Brazilian club Palmeiras and has been attracting the attention of numerous European clubs including Bayern Munch and Juventus. Inter has been sending scouts to watch the forward and are very interested in signing him. One potential stumbling block though is his price tag, current reports suggest that Palmeiras will ask for a figure around €35m and greater interest among big clubs could raise that price tag further.

The second player is one that Inter fans will be very familiar with, we've been hearing rumors about him coming to the club pretty much ever since Mancini arrived at Inter. Yaya Toure is still being linked to Inter, and now those reports see him edging closer and closer to the city of Milan. Ever since the news broke of the new ownership and the new funds that would bring, signs have pointed towards the 33 year old being much more interested in coming to Inter. Alfredo Pedulla (often one of the more reputable sources when it comes to Italian transfers) has even said that a deal is "only a matter of time".

Both player have their pros and cons. Gabriel Jesus provides a young bright attacking talent that can be developed into a star at Inter. The problem is that he costs quite a lot for his age and the club would be taking quite a risk that he would be worth his price tag. Yaya Toure provides proven quality and leadership in the midfield. His problems include his exuberant wages and his habit of only putting in effort on the pitch when he feels like it.

So who would you rather see Inter sign this summer?