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Arsenal, Liverpool, West Ham interested in Inter players

A number of Premier League sides are reportedly considering a move for Inter players.

Getty does not have a lot of good pictures of Icardi and Brozovic
Getty does not have a lot of good pictures of Icardi and Brozovic
Marco Luzzani/Getty Images

Everybody loves the silly season. And by loves I mean hates. While waiting for the season to start again transfer rumors are continuously thrown out into space; some filled with hope, others with despair, some with truth, others nothing but fantasy. There have been a couple of related rumors coming out so we'll look at the "Inter players to the Premier League" rumors.

Let's start with the obvious one. A while back Mauro Icardi had been linked with a move to Tottenham and I promptly laughed that one out of the building. Then Wanda Nara decided to stir up some drama and started pushing Icardi out of the door by linking him to a host of clubs. The Tottenham link came up again but the stronger stories have been coming from the other North London club. Reports have suggested that Nara could be having talks with representatives from Arsenal soon. Just to add more fun to the rumors it seems like West Ham United wants to try to swoop in for the 23 year old as well. They had been looking at Carlos Bacca but the AC Milan striker turned down the move so West Ham wants their key signing when they move into their new stadium to be Icardi.

I still think that Nara doesn't want her husband to switch clubs. It is probably just showboating to try to force Inter to pay Icardi more money but there definitely could come a point where Inter decides this isn't worth the trouble and will sell Icardi if an offer of more than €50m comes in. I don't see notoriously cheap Arsene Wenger dropping that much money, but we'll see what happens.

The other main rumor involves Marcelo Brozovic. It seems that Liverpool is considering a move for the Inter midfielder as part of Jurgen Klopp's creation of his squad. These same reports suggest that Inter could be willing to sell the Croatian for a figure that ranges from €25-30m. There have been some whispers that Arsenal could be interested in him as well but the stronger links have been coming from Northeast England.

I've been expecting these stories to emerge for quite some time (Brozovic leaving not necessarily to whom). With prior reports suggesting that Inter was looking to sign either Axel Witsel or Joao Mario, I had questions as to where Brozovic would find space in the squad. I can imagine Inter selling the 23 year old but only if the Piero Ausilio was sure that he could sign either Witsel or Mario to replace Brozovic.