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Inter's peculiar 2016-17 third kit leaked online

The initial reaction online hasn't been what you would call positive. It would certainly be different to what we're used to.

Three weeks ago, an online website leaked Inter's first and second kits for the 2016-17 season, roughly a week before the club officially presented the new shirts at the beginning of the first team's pre-season training camp at Riscone di Brunico. After an initial period of understandable scepticism, it looks as if most (although not all) Interisti have reached a positive verdict on the new outfits and are willing to purchase one for themselves, now that they've seen what they look like in real life as opposed to in a concept picture.

Following that leak, it looks as if our third strip has also been released online ahead of its official presentation, and the same process might well happen again. Having said that, judging on the early comments that have come in on Twitter, it will probably take Inter fans a lot more time to come to terms with this strip than most needed when it came to the previous two.

Here is the third kit in question, as presented by Footy Headlines and Franco Carabajal respectively:

It's... different, isn't it? Some people's first reactions might be 'ghastly', 'abominable' or 'just f***ing awful', but I'm sticking with a diplomatic 'different' over here. Peculiar, if you will.

This is how the aforementioned website presents the shirt: "Based on Nike's new global third kit template, the new Inter 2016-17 third kit introduces a vibrant design that fades from blue to green and features black and white trim. Made by Nike and based on the same template as Barcelona and Manchester City's 2016-17 third shirts [which you can see next to ours here], it boasts a dominant gradient from blue at the top to lime green at the bottom. All brandings, including a monochromatic club crest, as on last season's third shirt, on the Inter's third kit are white. Last but not least, a black line runs down on each side. It is set for a September release. The shorts of the new Inter 2016-17 third kit will be lime green with white logos and continue the black lateral stripe. The color of the socks is not known at the moment."

So what do you think? Could you get used to this kit with the passing of time, or is it too repugnant and too similar to a can of Sprite for that to be possible? Personally I don't dislike it, but I accept I'm in an extreme minority. There's a reason no one asks me for fashion advice.