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Icardi (hopefully) kills off future transfer rumors

Mauro Icardi gave an interview in which he definitively stated he wants to stay in Milan.

Valerio Pennicino/Getty Images

After weeks of rumors about Mauro Icardi potentially leaving Inter and Wanda Nara pushing her client towards the door, Icardi has finally openly spoken about the possibility of him leaving. He affirmed his desire to stay at Inter and also praised the efforts of his agent.

In his interview with  Corriere dello Sport, Icardi talked about how Milan is his home and his family is happy there. He spoke about the commitment and honor that comes with being captain and how he has acted like a professional during this time and will continue to do so. Icardi did not directly speak on the rumors that his wife had met with Arsenal yesterday but said that his wife is talking to Inter and both of them want some solution that allows him to remain with the Nerazzurri. The 23 year old reaffirmed that he is a Interista and wants to stay at the club to win trophies, and also brought up how much he is looking forward to playing with Ever Banega. In a nod to his agent/wife's efforts he commended her on her work so far and said that he would rate her performance as a 10 on a scale of 1-10.

I hope that this is the end. Now that Mauro himself has spoken about wanting to stay a resolution can be reached, whether it is the striker getting his new contract this summer or waiting for the club's financial and hierarchical situation to get settled first. As long as Wanda Nara has gotten the message and stops publicly stirring up drama, hopefully we won't have to read any more articles about Mauro Icardi leaving Inter (at least for this summer).