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Inter and Lazio reach agreement over Candreva

The Italian winger is set to join Inter on August 4th.

Claudio Villa/Getty Images

In a summer in which Inter news has almost entirely been rumors, false reports, and voices (Italian media might want to consider the idea of seeing a shrink) it finally seems that a real update on our transfer market has been made.

In the last few days multiple sites have reported that the Nerazzurri were closing in on signing Antonio Candreva from Lazio and today he was expected to have his medical and join Lazio's training camp but he didn't show up. Nothing is official yet, and we will probably know more about it at the beginning of next week, but Inter may have convinced Lotito to accept a (slightly) less lucrative deal than the one he wanted. Lazio will receive €21 million right away and another €4 million if Inter will reach given targets. The player will extend his actual contract by one year (until 2020) and will earn €2.7 million per season, becoming the fifth most payed player on the team, tied with Miranda and Perisic.

Inter needed to sign a right-winger. The only other player in that position is Biabiany, who is a good guy and undoubtedly an hard-worker but he is also not CL material in this specific moment of his career, if he ever have been. Candreva brings a lot to the table for the Nerazzurri: running, finishing and crossing, all that paired with experience and great knowledge of the Serie A. He is 29 years old and his price may seem too high (it probably is) but this is how football transfers work so I'm not going to complain about this deal, especially because he had three consecutive seasons with more than 10 goals scored and most importantly because on the other side of the negotiations table there was Claudio Lotito.

Corriere dello Sport latest report also says that Candreva wanted to join Inter so bad that he agreed to give up €500k of the wages he'd agreed with Inter to get the deal done. He wants Inter, that's for sure, and this much appreciated gesture will surely help him gain the liking of the fans, even the more skeptical ones.