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Davide Santon close to a move to Sunderland

It looks like Santon is about to be sold by Inter for a second time.

Valerio Pennicino/Getty Images

After rejoining Inter in 2015 from Newcastle United, reports are suggesting that Davide Santon is about to leave back to England and back to North-East England. Instead of returning to Newcastle United though, he will be joining their rivals Sunderland. We all remember Sunderland, the club that refused to pay for Ricky Alvarez and started a long, protracted battle that had to be taken to FIFA. Yeah, that club.

Anyways, it seems that Inter have agreed to sell Santon for €6m, which will give the Italian club a profit since they resigned him for only €4.5m. The 25 year old saw limited playing in his season and a half back at Inter and will probably be eager to go somewhere that he can get consistent playing time. Some reports suggest that the Italian full-back has already left Inter's pre-season training camp and is heading to England to have his medical examination.

It is a little disappointing to see that Santon is leaving. I feel like he could have been a fairly useful squad rotation player and he would've satisfied one of the homegrown player requirements. On the other hand though I understand his desire to get more playing time, and the club was still able to make a profit from him despite his limited impact at the club his time around. If this deal goes through all I ask is that Sunderland pays the transfer fee upfront.