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Sunderland pulls out of Davide Santon deal at the last second

I'm so done with that team...

Marco Luzzani/Getty Images

So as of yesterday Davide Santon was all set to move to Sunderland. The club had agreed to purchase him from Inter for €6m and Santon had already traveled to England for his medical and sign the contract on Saturday. Then out of the blue, Sunderland dropped this statement: "Sunderland AFC will not be pursuing its interest in Inter Milan player Davide Santon, after negotiations between the two clubs failed to reach a positive conclusion."

News reports in the aftermath of this statement indicate that the reason the talks broke down is because Sunderland wanted to include a clause that allowed the club to slash his wages in the even that they were relegated, but Santon refused. Sunderland's statement makes it seem that the problems were between the two clubs though, so right now things are unclear. One thing is for certain though: I never want to see Inter have any sort of dealings with Sunderland ever again.

This is the second time that the English club has strung Inter along. They already tried to screw over the Italian club when they refused to pay for Ricky Alvarez and now they are pulling this bullshit at the last minute. If it actually is the case that the deal fell through because they wanted to undercut Santon's wages then I'm completely and totally done with this team. If talks broke down between the two clubs this is just further emphasis that these two clubs should not be working with each other. There's too many fish in the sea to keep dealing with one that is nothing but a fucking tease.