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Jovetic and Brozovic staying at Inter

Jovetic couldn’t find a new home, while Brozovic chose to remain at his current one.

Stevan Jovetic and Marcelo Brozovic

In recent weeks it seemed like it would only be a matter of time before Marcelo Brozovic and Stevan Jovetic left Inter. Brozovic was in serious negotiations with Chelsea while the Montenegrin attacker would go to anybody willing to pay his wages (and pay Manchester City’s release fee preferably). Neither of those deals are going to occur though, as there has been confirmation that both players will remain in Milan at least until January.

Today Piero Ausilio gave the briefest and bluntest possible statement on Jovetic, simply stating that “Jovetic was, is and will remain an Inter player”. Reports suggest that a discussed deal with Fiorentina fell through because they weren’t willing to pay all of JoJo’s wages and wanted Inter to help out, a proposal the Milanese club was not willing to accept. It looked like AC Milan was interested in signing the 26 year old for a hot second but that’s not going to happen either.

Brozovic actually choose to stay. According to his agent, he had a deal on the table from both clubs and decided to stick with Inter despite the fact that the Chelsea deal was worth more money. His agent also said that Brozovic is happy in Milan and the new coach and new players made him want to stay here. He will sign his new contract sometime after the international break.

It makes me really happy that Brozovic chose to stay even though he’ll earn less. That kind of commitment can be hard to find nowadays, and his excitement for Frank De Boer’s project and the improvements made with the new signings can only be a good sign. Despite the new additions to the midfield, I’m sure the Croatian will have an important role in the squad this season.

Since Jovetic couldn’t find a new home I’d imagine he’ll end up playing at some point and Inter will just fork over the buyout clause to Manchester City. I doubt Inter would just stash him away on the bench and act like he doesn’t exist, though he’ll have to work hard to earn his playing time. The competition for attacking spots has only increased with the additions of Antonio Candreva and Gabriel Barbosa, so Jovetic will definitely have to put in the effort if he wants to redeem himself at Inter.