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Is Gabigol finally coming or not?

Let's make a quick point of the situation on Gabriel Barbosa.

Japan U-23 v Brazil U-23 - International Friendly Photo by Koji Watanabe/Getty Images

Let me start off by saying that Gabigol is a stupid nickname. In no way does a 19 year old player earn that type of moniker so early in his career, not even by scoring a shit-ton of goals like he did. I like nicknames, I really do. Especially the ones not creating absurd expectations on a player just to increase his value and make more money thanks to that. So I will call him only by his birth name from now on, unless he he arrives and scores 20 goals in his first season here. If this happens, I will be more than happy to call him whatever he likes.

With that off my mind, I can start writing about serious things.

Gabriel Barbosa Almeida is one of the hottest names in this transfer market and Inter has always been in pole position to eventually land him. He has a €18 million release clause, so the negotiations with Santos shouldn't be hard. Unfortunately, Santos own just 40% of the player. Another 40% is owned by the family of the player and the remaining 20% belongs to Doyen Sports, a company that also represent Marcelo Brozovic and Alvaro Morata among others. If pleasing one person (or company, or team) is already a really hard thing without spending too much, it's even harder when you have to try to make three of them happy.

Ausilio is working constantly trying to make this deal happen and next Friday he is supposed to meet again with Barbosa's representatives. Mancini's departure does not look like it should affect this operation since it's Suning that is pushing hard to buy him.

There is another issue in this whole operation, even though this one might be the easiest one to deal with. In fact, Gabriel would like to stay in Brazil until December, postponing his arrival to the beginning of next year. It shouldn't be that big of a deal, actually it could even be a good thing for Inter which has a crowded offensive department and could use some time to free some space in the squad.