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Inter salaries for the 16/17 season

You’ll probably feel really really poor after reading this.

FC Internazionale v US Citta di Palermo - Serie A Photo by Tullio M. Puglia/Getty Images

Who is Inter highest payed player this season? How much is Inter actually spending in wages this season? Gazzetta dello Sport has all the answers for us.

Compared to last year, Inter is going to spend a lot more in wages. In the 16/17 season in fact the Nerazzurri will have to pay €120 million, a third more compared to last season's 90. It's easy to see how this summer's transfer market has a lot to do with. Suning wanted to give the club an immediate boost making it rain every time they had the chance, acquiring new players with significant wages —Candreva, Joao Mario, Gabriel Barbosa, Banega — while letting just a few men, with fairly insignificant salaries, leave — Juan Jesus, Ljajic, Dodo.

Icardi, even before the contract renewal and without considering his image's rights, is Inter highest payed player making €3.6 million per year, with Kondogbia and Jovetic (sigh) not far behind with €3.5 million/year. The newly acquired Gabriel Barbosa and Joao Mario will earn €2.7 million/year each, while Antonio Candreva will be payed just €2.2 million/year. Ultimately, Ever Banega will be the highest paid player of the ones brought in this summer with €3 million per year.

Inter is the second biggest spender in Serie A this season, and it shouldn't be a big surprise for anyone, considering Thoir and Suning's recent investments, What is a little bit surprising though, is how equally distributed the club's wages are. To put things in perspective, six players will make more money than Inter's most payed player (Icardi) this season and four of them belongs to Juve, the only club with a higher wages total (€145 million) than the Nerazzurri while the other two are Roma players, which is the third richest club in the Serie A (€90 million). Want to know who this six people are? Well, Higuain will be the biggest earner this season in the Serie A, with €7.5 million/year. Then we find De Rossi (6.5!), Dzeko and Pjanic (4.5), Buffon and Khedira (4).

Let's hope that all the investments made in the recent years will eventually convert into trophies and successes for the Nerazzurri, because, at the end of the day, that's what matters most.

Here is the complete list of Inter players with their respective wages for the 16/17 season.

Icardi 3.6, Kondogbia 3.5, Jovetic 3.5, Perisic 3, Banega 3, Miranda 3, Gabigol 2.7 , Joao Mario 2.7, Handanovic 2.5, Melo 2.5, Ranocchia 2.4, Palacio 2.4, Candreva 2.2, Eder 1.8, Biabiany 1.6, Medel 1.6, Ansaldi 1.5, Brozovic 1.5, Murillo 1.3, Nagatomo 1.3, Santon 1.3, D'Ambrosio 1.2, Andreolli 1.1, Carrizo 0.75, Berni 0.2, Gnoukouri 0.1, Radu 0.1, Yao 0.08, Miangue 0.08.

NB: All player wages reported are to be considered as net, while the team's total is reported as gross to accurately highlight how much a club is actually paying their players and staff this season.