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Stay or go? Is a Ranocchia deal bound to happen this transfer window?

Is our former captain’s time at the club coming to an end?

FC Internazionale Milano v AC Sparta Praha - UEFA Europa League Photo by Pier Marco Tacca/Getty Images

Before the transfer window even opened, Andrea Ranocchia featured heavily in articles suggesting a transfer was imminent. Many would say (and I would agree) that the departure of our former captain is long overdue as he has failed to live up to expectations while at the club. His exit has not come to fruition though we are nearing the end of the transfer window. With all the supposed interest in Ranocchia from within the league and abroad, why have we failed to move on the former captain?

Several teams within the league have surprisingly expressed interest in the central defender even though many have benefited from his calamitous defending. Teams like Sassuolo and Bologna are reported to have shown interest in Ranocchia throughout the transfer window but neither has made a sincere effort to bring in the Italian. A huge obstacle these teams have to overcome is Ranocchia's huge contract that teams with less money cannot afford to pay.

Then there is the interest from the Premier League. Apparently, West Ham, Swansea, and Hull City all want to recruit the Italian to their respective teams. I do not buy the West Ham link at all as they have already acquired Fonte this window. Swansea and Hull City are also doubtful as Ranocchia probably would hesitate over a move to relegation threatened teams. So it appears the Premier League interest will not result in anything either.

In recent days, rumors of interest from the Bundesliga have surfaced. Both Wolfsburg and Hamburg have been linked with Andrea Ranocchia. I would welcome a transfer of Ranocchia to Wolfsburg as a transfer would strengthen the ties between the two clubs as Inter Milan hopefully will go for Ricardo Rodriguez either now or in the summer. Even with these recent links there does not appear to be too much tangible evidence that a transfer is forthcoming.

Lastly, there is interest from the Russian side Zenit. Zenit are said to be interested in the Rannochia's talents and this transfer seems to be the most likely. If Zenit are truly interested in Ranocchia then we may just be able to get his salary off the books and forget about his tumultuous times at the club.

Ranocchia's departure has been long overdue. Last winter, Inter fans thought they were finally getting rid of the defender once and for all, but Sampdoria did not make the deal permanent. This time around any sale should have a concrete obligation to sign the player permanently. Finding a team to take the defender in has proven difficult but hopefully management will find an acceptable suitor before the close of the window. The clock is ticking though, and the window is slowly closing.