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Miangue departs for Cagliari

The fullback goes on loan until the end of the season, with some interesting clauses included in the contract.

FC Internazionale v Bologna FC - Serie A Photo by Maurizio Lagana/Getty Images

Inter’s January squad reduction continues, though this time the departing player wasn’t a player the club doesn’t want but instead it was a promising youngster who needs more playing time. Inter has confirmed today that Senna Miangue has joined Cagliari on loan. The deal lasts until the end of the season but includes a series of options that leave more questions than answers.

Both sides stated that the loan includes an option to buy and a counter-option. We know this means that if the Sardinians are impressed by the 19 year old they can exercise the option to buy him (though the amount is unknown). We also know that Inter can get Miangue back if the club chooses to do so. It’s a little unclear if the counter-option must be activated when Cagliari first chooses to take the left-back permanently (kind of like a right of first refusal) or if Inter can use it whenever they so choose (like a buy-back clause).

Though the details are a little murky, this looks to be a deal that is beneficial to all parties. Miangue gets to move to a club that will pretty much guarantee him playing time, and will be motivated to work hard in order to prove his worth to both clubs. Cagliari will be incentivized to play him to see if he is worth buying permanently, and Inter can watch his development from a distance and swoop back in for the Belgian if he impresses the club.

Stefano Pioli and Ausilio Piero find themselves in the strange (but good) position of having two incredibly promising young left-backs. Now with both of them out on loan (Frederico Dimarco at Empoli and Miangue at Cagliari) Inter can assess the two of them from a relatively equal position to determine which has a future with the Nerazzurri. Good luck Miangue (and Dimarco), and I hope to see you wearing our colors again soon!