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Happy 109th Birthday Inter!

109 years of joy, sorrow, and family. I couldn’t imagine loving any other team.

FC Internazionale Milano v SSC Napoli - Serie A Photo by Valerio Pennicino/Getty Images

On this day 109 years ago, the most beautiful club in the world was born. A club that was formed celebrating diversity, talent, and the game we all love. Those founders knew they were creating something special that night, and I’m sure if they could see the club today they would be proud of their legacy.

Whether it is the fact that the Nerazzurri have never been relegated, that they had one of the most widely respected captains in modern history in Javier Zanetti, or that they are one of the few teams to knock a Messi-led Barcelona out of the Champions League at the Camp Nou (too soon?), Inter fans have a lot they can be proud of their club for. Having some of the best players in the world build up a large trophy cabinet has helped ensure that their iconic black and blue kits can be recognized all over the world.

Bayern Muenchen v Inter Milan - UEFA Champions League Final
What a man. What a legend.
Photo by Jasper Juinen/Getty Images

Things haven’t always gone well for the club though. There have been long trophy-less runs as well as severe mismanagement by club officials. These strange and often detrimentally short-sighted decisions have helped make sure Pazza Inter (Crazy Inter) has remained synonymous with the club throughout its existence.

Though the club is going through one of these dry spells right now things are looking up for the good half of Milan. Suning has taken over and not only seems more than happy to spend money, but also seems to have a coherent strategy for how to return the club to greatness in the near future. With an exciting young team core, promising times (and hopefully trophies) are likely in the future for those that support this club.

I’ve been a fan of Inter since I first stumbled upon them back when I was 12 years old. In the years since they’ve brought me incredible joy, heart-wrenching sorrow, blinding anger, sheer numbness, and have probably shaved a few years off my life. Despite all of that, maybe because all of that, I love this team. I will always love this team. It wasn’t just their players that made me first fall in love with Inter, it was their message. “Brothers of the world” told me that this club was for everybody. “Brothers of the world” told me that the fans would open their hearts and home for anybody who shared a passion for this crazy team wearing black and blue. “Brothers of the world” told me that I had found my home.

I want to end with the closing statements from Inter’s official message celebrating the club’s 109th birthday:

“For over a century, our values – Unity, Integrity and Heart – have guided the way we act and let the world know where we stand.

“We play with unity - with players hailing from more than 47 nations since our inception, and devoted fans that span the globe, we are undoubtedly a family of the world that wins as one.

“We lead with integrity – honesty and fairness guide our way. It’s not just about winning. It’s about how we win. We win with heart - with deep feelings that fuel an indomitable spirit. Our values are born of a powerful belief that inspires us, and runs through our veins – we are true brothers of the world.

“We stand boldly for what we believe, with our heads held high and our hearts beating strong. We are the Nerazzurri.”