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Genoa 1-0 Inter: The Ground Continues to Crumble beneath Inter’s feet

Another game another loss.

Genoa CFC v FC Internazionale - Serie A Photo by Paolo Rattini/Getty Images

Going into this game Inter and Genoa were both competing for the worst form in the league award. All those thinking Inter would not win a single competition this season have been proven wrong as Inter proved, yet again, that our horrible form just cannot be matched. To be honest, we probably lose that award to Pescara, but our form is still pretty embarrassing.

With yet another loss, everyone is left to wonder why Inter cannot do anything right? Embarrassingly, Inter have not won a match since March 12 against Atalanta. If you want to go further back then that, Inter have not kept a clean sheet since the 19th of February. This form is inexcusable, but is anything being done about it.

Since his arrival at the helm of the squad, Pioli has trusted the same players to bring him results even when they clearly cannot perform. This has lead to his use of basically the same lineup throughout this shameful losing streak, while only make slight changes when a player is injured or suspended. Today, Pioli did decide to mix it up a little bit by playing Eder as a faux playmaker, but that quickly proved to be a flawed decision as all of the possession ended up being funneled to the outside as there was no playmaker inside.

The first half did not provide onlookers with much of a spectacle as neither side really looked dangerous. Most of the limited efforts that did come in the first half were tame and lead to nothing at all. I would not be surprised if spectators were woken up by the first match that came when Lazovic burst by Nagatomo and delivered a dangerous cross in the box. Unfortunately for Lazovic, none of his Genoa teammates were able to latch onto the dangerous ball and the danger faded.

The first chance for Inter came moments later as Kondogbia almost fired Inter into the lead with a low driven shot, but the ball ultimately whizzed wide of goal. The two teams then went back to sleep for awhile as neither team, created anything threatening. This was until the 40th minute when Perisic charge up the pitch and smacked a low cross across the face of the goal. Sadly, two Inter players allowed the ball to go by them instead of shooting it themselves and this chance, like the few before, faded away without the goalie being tested.

Genoa started off the better of the two sides in the second half, but were not able to get anything from their brief time on the ball in our defensive third because they lacked the ability to create real chances. Then, the spectacular almost happened for Inter as Perisic went through on Genoa's goal thanks to beautiful link up play. Somehow Perisic failed to finish the ball as Lamanna saved his shot which would later come back to haunt Inter.

More than ten minutes later, Genoa opened up the scoring and I am sorry for every Inter fan who had to watch. Genoa's Veloso strolled down the center of the pitch and was given the space and time to line up his shot. With no one contesting him and having all the time in the world, Veloso ripped a cannon of a shot off our crossbar. The rebound flew in the air and ex treble winner, Goran Pandev, slammed it home from close range. Oh my goodness was that defending painful to watch.

In response to going down a goal, Pioli did decide to make a couple of changes. Down by one, Pioli took off Eder and our leading goal scorer Icardi for Palacio and Gabigol. Now, Icardi was not having his best game ever, but surely he is still a more potent threat than Palacio. Surely, Icardi can offer more than an aging Palacio who has failed to score a league goal this season. Minutes after these two substitutions, Pioli finally decided to bring on a much needed playmaker in Banega.

With the game seemingly heading towards a 1-0 loss, luck struck for Inter. Perisic fired off a shot from the top of the box only for the ball to be met by Burdisso's hand. The penalty was given and Candreva stepped up to take the shot with Icardi off the pitch. I encourage Inter fans who cannot take any more disappointment to look away! Candreva ran up to the ball and fired a tame penalty right into the gloves of the diving Lamanna.

Kondogbia then was sent off for dissent as he argued with the referee over a corner kick and the game faded out into obscurity as Inter yet again dropped points.

Little resistance has been shown in recent weeks after Inter have gone down frequently. The team just does not seem to have any motivation right now and currently seem fine with dropping points. Now, even Europa League seems far off, but the team does not deserve to be in any European competition they have been performing that poorly. Next up is Sassuolo and it is an absolute guess as to whether any Inter player will show up for that game either.