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Jovetic not returning to Sevilla after loan spell

Inter Milan officials say Andalusians can’t meet €14 million demand.

RCD Espanyol v Sevilla FC - La Liga Photo by David Ramos/Getty Images

Upon coming back from a half-season loan at Sevilla, Montenegro international center forward Stevan Jovetic wanted a more permanent arrangement back to Spain.

Inter Milan technical coordinator Walter Sabatini said the Andalusians were not willing to meet the Nerazzurri’s demand of €14 million.

As reported by Football-Italia, Sabatini told ABC de Sevilla that the Spanish side only countered with €10 million and that Inter was not planning to lower their evaluation on Jovetic.

“We haven’t accepted their offer, I just told them. The amount is insufficient, there’s no agreement on these figures.”

Walter Sabatini to ABC de Sevilla

Jovetic’s agent Fali Ramadani countered recently by saying he understood where Inter came from as the club did attach a purchase option to Jovetic as part of his loan to Sevilla.

“But suddenly, at some point, they should tell their fans that they’ll lower their demands for a player who has a lot of market potential.

“There’s no logic. I spoke with Sabatini and it was clear. Seville can’t raise their offer? Well, that’s it then. It’s football and there’s no shortage of offers for Stevan.

“He said he’d have liked to stay at Sevilla, but he also knows that it’s impossible if there’s no agreement between the clubs.”

Ramadani went on to suggest that Jovetic took a 15 percent pay cut to play at Sevilla on loan and that, if he returns to the Nerazzurri, “he’ll want that 15% back.”

“I say this because I want people to know.”

Of course he does. It never hurts to find some sympathy among the fan bases in Milan or Seville, but I don’t see that being a factor.

Not a bad shot here.

Inter asked for €14 million and Sevilla countered with €10 million. If neither club wants to meet in the middle … no deal. Welcome to transfer season and European football. Ramadani said Jovetic has “received many offers” which is likely code for “we really don’t have any offers, but we will say we have to create some kind of leverage.”

In 24 games with Sevilla — including Champions League and the Copa del Rey — Jovetic had seven goals and five assists, which isn’t bad, but this is the same player who’s market value has dropped from €30 million to €10 million in a short time.