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So, all of that for nothing as Perisic may stay with Inter?

Reports suggest Inter to offer the striker a new deal.

Genoa CFC v FC Internazionale - Serie A Photo by Paolo Rattini/Getty Images

This saga has been going on for weeks now, and this is the ending??

Numerous reports have now suggested Inter Milan is preparing to offer Croatian striker Ivan Perisic a new contract. This would take him out of any transfer talk — of which most of the Nerazzurri’s mercato discussion has revolved around this summer season. reported while Inter is looking at a new deal, Perisic wants to play at Old Trafford. The issue has been the price Inter is reportedly asking for.

That price has been anywhere between £44 million to £50 million and Jose Mourinho is not willing to pay that, choosing instead to try to leverage financial fair play to his favor, countering with a much lower offer.

The Nerazzurri have held to their asking price and have reportedly given Manchester United until the end of the week — when Inter has to recoup €30 million — to decide to either meet the terms or back away.

Of course, this brings a whole new set of issues, if the reports are true.

Inter has until Friday to find that €30 million or face an additional fine. Selling Perisic would have covered that even if Inter agreed to the Red Devil’s price.

Corriere dello Sport reported the Nerazzurri management “believes they can rise €30 million from other sales, they could offer a renewal to Perisic.”

Perisic’s contract runs into 2020 for €4 million per season. The new deal could extend that and raise the season pay closer to €5 million.

The question is whether Perisic will want to stay at the San Siro after all of this drama. He’s under contract, so what he wants is irrelevant. The worst-case scenario was that Perisic would play for Inter this season. The decision will be whether he will accept a different deal from the club.

Face it, after this debacle, Mourinho won’t likely be interested in January or next season for Perisic. Does the Croatian really just want out of Italy, or was it just the allure of playing in the Champions League with Manchester United? The other thing to consider is just what kind of playing time would Perisic get with the Red Devils? Odds are, not nearly as much as he will likely see this coming season for Inter.

Renegotiating his deal with the Nerazzurri is likely the best option. He will get higher pay and there is always the possibility of going elsewhere later down the road, if he and the club agree to that option.


Should Inter hang on to Ivan Perisic and renegotiate his contract?

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