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Fiorentina ownership show frustration over fans, Valero potential with Inter

Sell the club? Well, that escalated quickly.    

ACF Fiorentina v Udinese Calcio - Serie A Photo by Gabriele Maltinti/Getty Images

So, the issues between Fiorentina midfielder Borja Valero, Viola fans and club management seems to have been taken up a notch.

First there’s Valero. The Spaniard has been linked with a move to Inter Milan for a few weeks now. He threw a little gasoline on the fire when he suggested it was Fiorentina management that wanted to push him out of Florence.

Enter the club who released an official statement suggesting that was not the case at all:

“With regard to the latest rumors, reconstructions and alleged statements on websites and the media about the relationship between the cub and Borja Valero, Fiorentina are keen to point out that the player is under contract until 2019 and has never been put on the market.

As with all those signed, the club’s line at the beginning of this new cycle is that those who wear the Viola shirt must do it with full satisfaction, conviction and motivation.”

Fiorentina statement via its website

That seemed to infuriate some Viola fans who didn’t take too kindly to the club’s glib take on the situation. The read-in is that the club’s statement took a shot at Borja with the comment that those players wanting to play for the club “must do it with full satisfaction, conviction and motivation.”

So, like any good fans, they took to social media to blast off on club management.

Of course, they also hung a banner outside the club’s grounds that read:

“Your even selling the family silver. Della Valle, leave.”

ACF Fiorentina v Udinese Calcio - Serie A
Andrea Della Valle president of ACF Fiorentina during the Serie A match.
Photo by Gabriele Maltinti/Getty Images

The Delle Valle family have owned the Viola since 2002, but our friends at Viola Nation dug into the numbers to see if the family was in fact holding a fire sale of its talent.

Fiorentina responded like any good club would: challenge the fans:

“The ACF Fiorentina owners wish to announce that, in light of the fans’ dissatisfaction, they are completely open to offers from anyone who would like to take over the club and run it as they see fit.

Now is the time for those who care about Fiorentina and believe that the club could be run more successfully to step forward.

The owners are willing to listen to any serious offers from parties who have the club’s best interests at heart and the necessary solidity to guide such a demanding club as Fiorentina.

If, as it is hoped, a group of ‘true Florentines’ come forward with a proposal, they will find complete openness from the owners, who thus wish to demonstrate once more their respect for Fiorentina and the city of Florence.

In the meantime, the club will continue to be run carefully and competently by the management team, who have the owners’ full confidence and backing and who will work with same dedication to the cause as always.”

The only thing Valero has said is to

“Soon I will tell the truth. All the Fiorentina fans must know.”

One thing is certain. Valero’s time in Florence is likely limited and Inter Milan appear to be the front-runners in the race for him. The projected fee is between €5 million and €7 million.

All of this because the Nerazzurri were looking for another midfielder.