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Is Dalbert the answer?

Perhaps there is a bigger question at play here.

ICC Singapore - FC Internazionale v Chelsea FC Photo by Thananuwat Srirasant/Getty Images for ICC

Interisti all around have their opinions about Inter Milan’s activity during the transfer window.

Even writers here have different opinions about the Nerazzurri’s mercato action — or lack thereof. Granted, it does appear the Ivan Perisic fiasco has been resolved and Stevan Jovatic doesn’t seem to be going anywhere either.

As we wind down to the end of the summer transfer window, there are still lingering rumors about players being linked to Inter or those being linked away from the San Siro. One of those stronger-than-many links involves Brazilian defender Henrique Dalbert from Nice. He has been on the radar for many weeks and has reportedly turned down offers from England and Spain to play for Luciano Spalletti.

There is little question that Dalbert is talented. The 23-year-old is quick and has solid movement to cut angles to goal, thus frustrating attacking sides.

Would be make a good addition to Inter’s back line?

Considering Yuto Nagatomo hasn’t really impressed anyone and recent signing Milan Skriniar has been solid but is still adjusting, finding speed and youthful exuberance for the defense seems to be a nice addition.

If talk is true, Dalbert is in Milan completing a medical and will sign a new contract in the next few days. Reports are Inter is paying Nice €20 million for the transfer and will ink Dalbert to a five-year €1.2 million per year contract.

It would make the fifth signing for the Nerazzurri this summer — Skriniar, goalkeeper Daniele Padelli and Fiorentina midfielders Borja Valero and Matias Vecino.

This leads to a bigger question that has been batted around, but not really answered.

Most of the northern Italian focus during the summer transfer window has been on rivals AC Milan and their €170 million transfer spending spree. The question here is whether Inter Milan is being overshadowed by AC Milan in the transfer window?

Quite simply, the bigger question is does the amount of money spent equal success?

If you look at the 50 most expensive transfer signings, it becomes a bit of a mixed bag. First, look Real Madrid signings. Since 2009, the team has signed Cristiano Ronaldo (2009), Gareth Bale (2013), James Rodriguez (2014), Kaká (2009) and Neymar (2014). In that eight-year span, Real has won just two La Liga titles.

Now look at Manchester United. Since 2009 — I’m just using that as a benchmark thanks to Ronaldo — the Red Devils have inked Paul Pogba (2016), Angel Di Maria (2014) — then sent him to Paris Saint Germain the following year — Anthony Martial (2015) and Juan Mata (2014). Since 2009 just two league titles.

One more … Manchester City. Also just two titles since 2009 despite signing players like Kevin De Bruyne (2015), Raheem Sterling (2015), John Stones (2016), Sergio Aguero (2011) and Leroy Sané (2016).

The point I try to make here is that the amount of money you spend during the transfer season doesn’t necessarily yield success on the pitch. I think we like to believe the more we spend and the more players we buy, the better our chances to win a league title will be.

Among the top 50 transfers, Juventus hasn’t received a single one. In fact, Pogba is the only player linked to the defending Serie A champs and he was an exodus.

Want to compare team fees?

In the Premier League, Chelesa spent €132.8 million in the 2016/17 season. Conversely, Manchester City spent €212 million in the same season; Manchester United dropped €185 million. In the 2015/16 season, future Premier League champs Leicester City spent a paltry €49.9 million on transfers and won the league the next year. To put that in context, 13 other teams in the league spent more than Leicester City.

In Ligue 1 during the 2016/17 season, AS Monaco spent €50.5 million on the transfer market. Comparatively, giants Paris-Saint Germain dropped €144.6 million. To put into context however, only seven teams in the league spent more than €10 million that season and only four of those were more than €20 million. The news here … French teams are notoriously cheap.

No matter. The point here is how much you spend and who you spend it on doesn’t mean your trophy case will be filled instantaneously. It is about the team you build, not the money you spend.

ICC Singapore - FC Internazionale v Chelsea FC Photo by Stanley Chou/Getty Images for ICC

I choose to trust in Spalletti and that he knows a lot more about what he wants in a team a lot better than anyone else does.