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Take your Juventus shirt and stuff it

No really, what a little brat! Oh and, if you aren’t doing anything with that Inter shirt …    

Hey, I’ll take one if anyone has an extra!

I don’t rag on kids much unless their belief of entitlement gets the better of them then I feel I have no choice but to smack the proverbial taste out of their mouth.

I had this notion when I saw a video posted of a young boy unwrapping his birthday present to uncover a replica Inter Milan shirt.

Hey, that’s a pretty cool gift. My wife got me the same thing recently.

Oh no. This little bowtie-wearing --------- (insert chosen explicative here) decided to throw a fit on camera because he wanted his beloved Juventus colors instead.

After throwing the Inter jersey aside, he tears up and proceeds to open his next gift.

After struggling with the package (I was beginning to wonder if he was ever going to open the darn thing) he uncovers his Juventus jersey and life is grand again.

Not for nothing, but I totally get the rivalry. If you love Inter, it’s about 99 percent likely you hate Juventus and vice-versa.

But seriously, getting your bowtie in a bunch because you didn’t get the right €70+ shirt for your birthday. It’s like getting that really ugly sweater from that aunt you rarely see.

Your first move isn’t to throw a fit and toss the sweater in disgust. You are polite, say ‘thank you’ and never wear it … ever … unless of course you are on a later holiday vacation and that particular aunt will be there.

I will close only by asking if that kid is going to do anything with that Inter shirt? If not, I know several thousand kids that would love it.

Forza Inter!