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Inter Milan's New Years Resolution for 2018

With 2017 behind them, it’s time to look ahead and plan resolutions for 2018

AC Milan v FC Internazionale - TIM Cup Photo by Emilio Andreoli/Getty Images

For supporters, 2017 didn't close out the way Inter Milan supporters would've liked. A draw against Lazio piles onto the already bittersweet taste they have as Inter heads into their winter break. Nonetheless, with 2018 here, the time has come to make a New Years Resolution for the Nerazzurri.

Inserting More Offensive Talent into to Squad

Over the past two matches, Inter has shown that they have issues when it comes to finishing their chances. In their 1-0 loss to Sassuolo, they dominated possession at 72% and generated a total of 16 shots; however, on four were on target.

Another example of their need for offensive talent came in their draw against Lazio. Inter once again dominated possession but still couldn't finish their chances. They fired ten shots at the net, but only three were on target.

Currently, Ivan Perisic and Mauro Icardi account for 24 of Inter's 34 goals. The duo accounts for 71% of the clubs offense. Thus when they have an off-night, it's no surprise that the team either losses or draws.

This resolution isn't inciting that they go and spend money like a teenager with a credit card, but they do need to add more offensive skill to the squad. Not only will they have more threats but it will lessen the load on Icardi and Perisic.

Spending Wisely in the Transfer Market

If rivals AC Milan have taught anyone is that spending money doesn't translate to how well a squad does on the pitch. For Inter, making sure these players fit Luciano Spaletti's system should hold value over the amount of money spent.

Bigger clubs have taught us that there are still bargains and not every club pays at an eye-popping price for a player. For example, the leading goal scorer in the English Premier League, Mohamed Salah, made a move to Liverpool from AS Roma on a 42M Euro transfer fee.

Staying with Inter, they made a smart decision when they paid a fee of 23M Euros for Milan Skriniar. Fast forward 19 matches, and he's arguably the clubs best defender. Furthermore, he's outperformed his transfer fee, seeing as he is worth an extra 7M Euros if Inter wanted to put him on the open market.

In a recent article by M.A. Clark, he touches on the bond money the team has secured but cautious supporters to not expect a splurge. Leading into this resolution of smart spending and acquiring players that fit Spaletti's system, not for name recognition.

Continue Making Defensive Progress

Last season the squad was a disaster defensively; under Spaletti though, their defensive numbers have dramatically improved. This season Inter has conceded 14 goals while committing only two defensive errors.

The belief in Spaletti's has helped Inter to climb into the top three midway into the season. It also helps that player's by into his system, and they continue to grow much as Skriniar has.

Nonetheless, there are areas in which Inter can improve in, and one is the 12.1 shots conceded per game they give up. It’s no surprise that Napoli and Juventus sit atop Serie A as they are the two top teams that concede the fewer shots.

One way to continue their revamp of their defense is the addition of Stefan de Vrij as the rumors have made their way. The addition of the Dutch would become the anchor along with Skriniar to continue the improvement of the defense.

Remain Patient and Trust the Process

This resolution is geared towards the supporters. In May, Steven Zhang interviewed with CNBC preaching trust and patience from Inter supporters after fans walked out and went to lunch in protest of the clubs poor play. Regardless, Zhang and the board need to continue their plan of rebuilding Inter.

For supporters, it’s a process that requires patience on their part. Slowly they are making their way back to the top of Serie A as they brought in Spaletti who appears to as the right man for the job.

The next step is trust. Spaletti and the board are beginning the process of adding players that fit the system they want to play. It will not happen overnight like their rivals, but it’s a process that and the board are beginning the process of adding players that fit the system they want to play.

It will not happen overnight like their rivals, but it’s a process that will see the return of Inter if it goes to plan.