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Serie A completes 2018-19 fixture draw

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Inter Milan to open at Sassuolo.

SS Lazio v FC Internazionale - Serie A
FC Internazionale players celebrate the victory after the Serie A match between SS Lazio and FC Internazionale at Stadio Olimpico on May 20, 2018 in Rome, Italy.
Photo by Paolo Bruno/Getty Images

Serie A unveiled the 2018-19 fixture list and Inter Milan will head on the road in the first week to take on Sassuolo.

The league season begins Aug. 18 and runs until Sunday, May 26. A feature on the final match day is that all fixtures will be played at the same time.

This season no team may have more than two consecutive home or away matches and during the final four rounds of the season, no team will have consecutive home or away fixtures.

During the midweek fixtures, Inter, Juventus, Lazio, Milan, Napoli and Roma will not be allowed to play each other due to those teams playing in European football as well. Derbies in Genoa, Rome, Turin and Milan will also not be played midweek. Two derbies will also not be played during the same round.

The three midweek rounds will be Sept. 26, Dec. 26 and April 3. Dec. 26 will be similar to Boxing Day in the Premier League where all teams will play on the same day.

Because of European football, Inter, Juventus, Napoli and Roma will not play Atalanta, Lazio or Milan in Week 5, Week 8, Week 13 or Week 16.

Teams who played each other in either the first or final rounds of 2016-17 and 2017-18 will not play each other in the first or final round this season. Simply, no first or final round fixture from the previous two seasons will repeat this season.

While the Nerazzurri will be on the road for the first week, their home opener will be the following week against Torino.

Inter will face the first of three new teams in Serie A when they host Parma during Week 4. They will host Frosinone during Week 13 and at Empoli in Week 19.

The first Derby della Madonnina will be during Week 9 and Inter will be the host.

The Nerazzurri will face their first top five team in Week 10 when they will travel to Lazio. They will travel to face Juventus in Week 15. They will host Napoli on Boxing day and close out the first half of the season away to Empoli.

For the last half of the season, fixtures will be played in reverse. Week 20 will be Week 1 games in reverse.

Inter 2018-19 Serie A fixtures

Here are Inter’s fixtures for the first 19 weeks. Weeks 20-38 will be the same order, only reverse home and away:

Week 1 — Aug. 19 (return fixture Jan. 20, 2019)

Inter at Sassuolo

Week 2 — Aug. 26 (return fixture on Jan. 27, 2019)

Torino at Inter

Week 3 — Sept. 2 (return fixture on Feb. 3, 2019)

Inter at Bologna

Week 4 — Sept. 16 (return fixture on Feb. 10, 2019)

Parma at Inter

Week 5 — Sept. 23 (return fixture on Feb. 17, 2019)

Inter at Sampdoria

Week 6 — Sept. 26 (return fixture on Feb 24, 2019)

Fiorentina at Inter

Week 7 — Sept. 30 (return fixture on March 3, 2019)

Cagliari at Inter

Week 8 — Oct. 7 (return fixture on March 10, 2019)

Inter at SPAL

Week 9 — Oct. 21 (return fixture on March 17, 2019)

AC Milan at Inter

Week 10 — Oct. 28 (return fixture on March 31, 2019)

Inter at Lazio

Week 11 — Nov. 4 (return fixture on April 3, 2019)

Genoa at Inter

Week 12 — Nov. 11 (return fixture on April 7, 2019)

Inter at Atalanta

Week 13 — Nov. 25 (return fixture on April 14, 2019)

Frosinone at Inter

Week 14 — Dec. 2 (return fixture on April 20, 2019)

Inter at Roma

Week 15 — Dec. 9 (return fixture on April 28, 2019)

Inter at Juventus

Week 16 — Dec. 16 (return fixture on May 5, 2019)

Udinese at Inter

Week 17 — Dec. 22 (return fixture on May 12, 2019)

Inter at Chievo Verona

Week 18 — Dec. 26 Boxing Day (return fixture on May 19, 2019)

Napoli at Inter

Week 19 — Dec. 29 (return fixture on May 26, 2019)

Inter at Empoli

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