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Inter Milan can expect windfall from Champions League

Qualifying pays off for Nerazzurri.

US Sassuolo v FC Internazionale - Serie A
Ivan Perisic of FC Internazionale looks on during the Serie A match between US Sassuolo and FC Internazionale at Mapei Stadium - Citta’ del Tricolore on August 19, 2018 in Reggio nell’Emilia, Italy.
Photo by Giuseppe Bellini/Getty Images

Thanks to an increase in funds available for teams qualifying for the 2018-19 Champions League, Inter Milan can expect a nice payday for making the group stage.

Calcio e Finanza calculated the anticipated payoff each of Seria A’s four teams can expect based on Italy’s historic ranking and the worst possible scenario for each team.

With that in mind, Inter, Napoli and Roma can expect around €38 million from the competition while Juventus will earn at least €58.4 million.

This season, UEFA increased the amount available for teams qualifying for the tournament from €1.4 billion to €1.95 billion. It is divided with 25 percent just on the starting level, 30 percent based on team performance, 30 percent on each league’s historic ranking over the last decade and 15 percent on the market pool.

Teams earn €2.7 million per victory and €900,000 for a draw. Teams get nothing for losses.

Reaching the round of 16 will earn a team €9.5 million with an additional €10.5 million for reaching the quarterfinals. Reaching the semifinals earns €12 million and a spot in the finals is worth €15 million.

The winner of the Champions League will get an additional €4 million.

According to the calculations by the financial publication, Juventus can reach the top six, but Inter, Roma and Napoli could earn more depending on how far they advance. Exiting the group stage would still earn Inter a €38.9 million payday while Napoli would collect around €39.5 million and Juventus would earn €58.4 million because of their performance in the tournament over the last 10 years. Roma would earn €38.9 million if they only play in the group stage.

Teams can earn even more based on results bonuses and revenue from the three home matches in the group stage.

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