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Who wouldn’t want 30 minutes of Ronaldo at Inter Milan?

Well, have we got something for you.

Here it is ... 30 minutes of pure brilliance from Ronaldo’s time at Inter Milan.

Remember the golden days of Inter Milan? Back when Ronaldo was essentially scoring at will and making a mockery of defenders in Serie A?

Ronaldo of Inter Milan

With all of that in mind, the team decided to give fans a way to suck 30 minutes out of their day by creating a video that is all 59 goals scored by the Brazilian genius during his career with the Nerazzurri.

And, man, is it fantastic.

During his time with Inter — from 1997 to 2002, Ronaldo was a force to be reckoned with.

In his first season, he racked up 25 goals in 32 games the same year Internazionale won the UEFA Cup. In Cup competition, he notched 14 goals in 19 matches.

He played until the 2000-01 season where he sat out due to injuries and was picked up by Real Madrid for the 2002 season.

So, click away and … thanks Inter for the gift.

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