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Pie in the Sky Poll: Should Inter consider a reunion with Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Ibra hints at a January return; should Inter bite?

Claudio Villa Archive

Let’s be honest, most polls on most blogs are used to generate clicks and get the comments section to go back and forth. So, let’s not hide that fact. We are all adults. So, in that vein, let’s start a new tradition: the pie in the sky poll.

With this, we do nothing but vote on something that is so unlikely to happen that we can just bask in its absurdity/unlikeliness/other-worldliness. Here we can have hypothetical discussions on team building and philosophies or what not, safe in the knowledge that neither party can ever be proven wrong – as is the case with most polls, really.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic appears set to return to Italy in January, either in a loan deal or quitting L.A. Galaxy and the MLS permanently. And Ibrahimovic has already been touting a reunion with Inter. “[Antonio Conte and I] would get along well together” the 38-year-old told Gazette dello Sport this week.

Should Inter look into a deal for Ibrahimovic. In some respects, it makes perfect sense: he’s a big game player with bags of experience. He tore up the MLS and proved that he can still do a job in one of Europe’s top flights. Add to that: the Sanchez injury. Having Zlatan come in one add another rotational option and prove a solid backup to Lukaku in the final man, peel to the back post role.

The downside: Zlatan becomes a toxic presence. He demands assurances of game time and doesn’t get it. Or he doesn’t jive with other crucial members of the squad.

What do you think?