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Cliche Alert: Genoa game a “Statement Win”

FC Internazionale v Genoa CFC - Serie A Photo by MB Media/Getty Images

Game time. Beer in hand. Pop the top. I could lie and say I was holding a frosty one for my refreshment but, in truth, the first one was to calm my nerves. If this year has proven anything, it has proven that it’s incredibly hard to get to the top and even harder to stay there. Even against a team like Genoa can be tricky. I mean, what do they have to lose? Recycling coaches in and out, key players gone? Let’s just through caution to the wind and see what happens!

But, within the first 15 minutes or so, those fears subsided rather quickly. The boys came to not only end the year on a high note, but to show that Juventus is not the only big dog roaming the Serie A landscape this season. Even more incredible, I would have never guessed that such a statement would be made by a 17 year old rookie/

Sebastiano Esposito. Better than advertised? If Tuesday afternoon was a foreshadowing of the future, I would say so. There is definite skill to go along with his tall lanky frame and, even better, the confidence of a striker. His first shot was on target. Just a precursor to let Radu know what he was in for that afternoon. But, let’s also not forget the quality on the other side of the pitch. Lukaku is great anyway but, when the team is a goal up and it is clear that the opposition can’t do anything with him, he becomes a man amongst boys. And with such class. To give Esposito the chance at the penalty, basically telling the younger, “Hey, you’re one of us now. A starter. A force of your own.”

The beer tastes better and the goals continue pass through a seemingly emotionless and befuddled defense. But, is it a statement win because Inter beat a team they were really supposed to beat by a ton of goals anyway? I would say, that’s exactly my point. Win when you are expected to. Don’t make it close. Don’t leave doubt. Proclaim loudly that we are spirit beakers. Serie A better take a close look at the new normal. For this year, at least.