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Which all-time great would best fit Conte’s side?

Ronaldo? Materazzi? Zanetti? Stankovich?

UEFA Cup Final Lazio v Inter photo by Mark Leech/Offside/Getty Images

Transfer speculation continues to trickle over. The new season draws closer.

I was thinking about Ronaldo today, something I do pretty much on a bi-weekly basis. The grace, the power, the speed, the agility, the euphoria, that face, those thighs, them goals.

Confident, classy, Brazilian called Ronaldo. There was nothing not to like. Special oozed from every ounce of his body — and he wasn’t heavy then. There has never been a striker as equipped to play in any era, any time. When the aliens descend and inevitably challenge us to a game, if the OG Ronaldo isn’t in your starting XI, you’re doing it wrong.

I’m not shiting you: I watch this video twice a month:

I watched it an hour ago.

And that got me thinking. Man, would I love to see that Ronaldo in this era at this time with this Inter team. His movement was infectious. It begged wide players to get the ball to him. It forced midfielder runner to move beyond the front-line. He might not be Conte’s ideal striker, but he’s as near as makes no difference.

Given a list of Inter’s all-time greats (and it is a long, long, long list) who would you grab from a time machine and plunk into Conte’s side? Do you want the leadership of Zanetti? The madness of Recoba (ha)? Sneijders free-kicks? Ronaldo’s everything? Milito’s craft and industriousness? Would you take Stankovich or Materazzi or Baresi or Zenga or some guy you never actually saw but believe everything everyone has ever told you?

I’d take Ronaldo. Who you got?