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Mauro Icardi suing Inter for breach of contract

The latest episode in the ugly Icardi saga

Mauro Icardi of FC Internazionale looks dejected during the... Photo by Nicolò Campo/LightRocket via Getty Images

The latest episode of the Icardashians is as dumb as the 30 that have gone before it.

Mauro Icardi has “declared war” on Inter by suing the club, according to reports out of Italy.

Icardi is claiming a breach of the Collective Bargaining Agreement between Italian clubs and the Players Association. He has not sued for a breach of contract because, well, there has been no contractual breach.

Icardi has a contract. Inter are paying him. Whether he trains with the first-team is not a part of that deal. He has a minimum number of appearances he must hit, and the club will surely figure that out towards the end of the season or in a couple of throw-away sub appearances/club run outs.

Clubs in Italy are not allowed to force first-teamers to train away from the first team without a written warning or as some sort of punishment — a fine etc.

They stripped you of the captaincy you plonker! That’s the punishment. That’s their grounds.

What an absolute shit-show. When we ran a poll a couple of weeks back, over 40-percent of readers voted that Inter should bring Icardi back into the first team role. His value has tanked. His off-field behaviour. His, umm, agent. And the perception that Inter are done-diddily-done has plummeted his value — only Napoli and Juventus have minor interest.

Fans, fairly, believed if he wasn’t going to be cast aside, he may as well be worked back into the team. But that’s done now. Icardi has burned any remaining bridges with the club, the fans, and particularly management.

Just last week it looked as if the club were willing to work with Icardi and his agent-wife on a deal. They would let him go out a year long loan, with no obligation to buy. That option was open to any team but Juventus, a direct title rival. It was a fair deal. Icardi had no interest.

What a clown show.