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New Beginnings

We have lots to catch up on.

Tottenham Hotspur v FC Internazionale - 2019 International Champions Cup Photo by Michael Steele/International Champions Cup/International Champions Cup via Getty Images


Welcome to a new era at Serpents of Madonnina.

Let me get this out of the way: welcome posts are as awkward to write as they are to read. So, let’s power ahead with this. After all, we’ve got an awful lot of preseason coverage to catch up on.

A little background on myself: I’m a professional journalist currently working for The Guardian. I have spent my career working as a writer or scout covering the intricate details of the other football – American Football – detailing the inner workings and schematics of college football, the NFL, as well as evaluating players for the NFL Draft.

Born and raised in the North-West of England, however, my first love has always been the true football – European football in my vernacular.

I have always loved the glitz, glamour, brashness, brazen-ness, and all-around bonkers nature of Italian football. From the lower leagues to the top of Serie-A, I’ve gobbled it all up with a mix of bewilderment and glee – like all of you. I’ve made my pilgrimages to the San Siro, to Florence, to the outback’s of local Tuscan clubs, and on to the Stadio Olimpico in Rome.

I’ve signed up for Serpents because Inter has always been my Italian team. And I think there’s a void in football coverage that I can do a little bit to help fill. I want to inform and entertain. I want to be silly, and to breakdown tactics. I don’t want to flood you with obvious, nonsensical transfer gossip. But I also want to embrace the lunacy of rumors and live in those hypothetical spaces for a paragraph or thirty.

There will be some nerdy stuff. There will be some frivolous stuff. We will use analytics and film analysis. We will use memes. Most importantly: we will be a community.

I want to build on the good work done by the previous head honcho, Matt Clark, and expand the community here at Serpents. That’s the beauty of these SB Nation sites: everyone can contribute, no matter what that contribution may be.

We have a bunch of time to make up for from this preseason: we have the ongoing Conte angst; the Icardi/Ninja messes; the hunt for a striker or two; confirmed signings; a new tactical system. And there are just under three weeks until the domestic season kicks off.

Time to get to work.

Oliver Connolly