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How the Premier League’s deadline day will impact Serie-A

A Dybala move to Spurs could change Inter’s plans

Argentina v Chile: Third Place Match - Copa America Brazil 2019 Photo by Koji Watanabe/Getty Images

The Premier League’s transfer window wraps up at 5pm local time today. The effects will be felt right across Europe.

Deadlines spur action. That’s the way of the world. The Premier League’s influx of cash, and its effect on negotiations, impact everyone. When the league moved to a different transfer window – closing the day before the official start of the new season – it left Europe with an imbalance. The biggest spending clubs have less time to negotiate than those looking to extract as much as possible out of that sweet global *raises glasses, vomits a little* “brand”.

Below are some of the names to watch throughout the day and the ripple effects they may have on Serie-A.

Romelu Lukaku , Manchester United – Update: Signed with Inter

This went down yesterday, of course. But who doesn’t like a reminder of your club smashing a transfer record? The window closing forced Man United into a decision. Did they want to wait on never-to-come Dybala swap deal, take cash plus Mandzukic, or take Inter’s improved offer and head back into the market with £70 million in their pockets? We now know the answer.

Paulo Dybala, Juventus

Update: Dybala’s proposed move to Spurs is OFF, according to Orny. Rather than the wages/rights issues that had been initially reported, it appears Juventus pulled out of the deal. That leaves open a nice window for a potential Icardi-Dybala swap deal.

The biggest star who could move today. Dybala has had interested from United (he’s not interested, apparently) and Tottenham. A much to Spurs looks increasingly likely, according to Orny.

Spurs have agreed a fee, but are currently stuck in the mangled world of Image Rights. Dybala’s rights are currently owned by the Malta-based Star Image Company and will cost an extra multimillion pound fee to settle.

If no agreement is reached, Inter would be in prime position to add Dybala in a swap deal, provided one of Spain’s big three doesn’t swoop in, which is unlikely.

Dybala might not be everyone’s cup of tea, and while he does fit in with Conte’s style, there would still need to be adjustments from both sides. But Dybala represents the best chance at getting anything in the way of market value back on Mauro Icardi. Nobody is paying the reported £70-80 million asking price. Nobody appears willing to part with £40-50 million.

Adding Dybala, whether it’s a seamless fit or a huge need or not would, in corporate lingo, be a good asset swap. Even if he flopped, Dybala is likely to have more re-sale value in a year or two.

Mario Mandzukic, Juventus

Keep an eye on this one. United are now keen to land Mandzukic instead of Dybala, according to BBC Sport. Adding a big-man to replace Lukaku rather than a smaller, silkier player like Dybala is Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s new plan… Please refrain from laughing.

A Mandzukic deal could leave Juve a striker short. What that make them more willing to do an Icardi-Dybala deal? Or would they just hold onto Dybala, who’s a much better fit for Sarriball? Who knows.

Phillipe Coutinho, Barcelona

Barca seem willing to part with record signing Phillipe Coutinho if it allows them pursue to pursue Neymar. Premier League clubs are the only ones who can get close to his current wages and pay a fee. Loan deals to Liverpool and Spurs have been touted. If neither comes available, Barca’s options dwindle, and they may get desperate.

Kieren Tierney, Celtic – Update: Signed with Arsenal

Ryan Sessengnon, Fulham – Update: Signed with Tottenham

Inter are still in need of a left back. The likely options as of now are Aleksander Kolarov and Cristiano Biragi. Two left back needy teams coming off the market is a help in any case.

Gareth Bale, Real Madrid

Nobody in Italy can seemingly afford Bale, unless Madrid eat 80% or so of his wages. Only Premier clubs have a shot, and even then, they’d only pay a half. There doesn’t appear to be any movement. Bale doesn’t want to play in the rough and tumble Premier League anymore, and teams are unwilling to part with big money for a guy who cannot sustain his fitness. If Madrid get desperate to shift him out of the club, a loan move to Italy or Germany become the only viable options.

This post will update throughout the day