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Deal agreed to sell Ivan Perisic to Bayern Munich

An initial loan, with a £30 million option has been confirmed by the German newspaper Bild.

Tottenham Hotspur v FC Internazionale - 2019 International Champions Cup Photo by Stephen Pond/International Champions Cup/International Champions Cup via Getty Images

Bayern Munich have wrapped up a deal to sign Ivan Perisic on an initial loan deal with a £30 million option to buy, according to Bild in Germany. Bayern turned their attention to Perisic after their primary target Leroy Sane suffered a long-term knee injury during Manchester City’s Community Shield match vs. Liverpool last weekend.

Perisic was clearly part of the cohort of players Antonio Conte was happy to discard upon his arrival at Inter. Perisic, Nainggolan, and Icardi were all deemed surplus to requirements.

I wrote a little about Perisic in my five things we’ve learned from preseason post which you can read blow:

Perisic’s time with Inter is done. Whether that officially becomes the case before the close of the transfer window in a fortnight, in January, or drags out over a protracted timeframe, only he really knows.

Conte has made it clear he doesn’t fancy Perisic. He’s not wrong. Perisic’s freelancing style doesn’t match up with Conte’s carefully choreographed ecosystem. He doesn’t shine within structure; he wants to do his own thing.

It took only two weeks for Conte to figure out Perisic couldn’t fit his highly-demanding wingback role. His fit is better as the team’s shadow/deep-lying striker, but even there his skill-set doesn’t actually match-up to what Conte is looking for, nor is he good enough in that role to justify the club turning down a decent offer.

Perisic has come under fire for his refusal to pass and wastefulness in the final third. Those things don’t wash with Conte. His style is structured. Passing moves are a careful symphony. You can veer away from them every now and then, but this isn’t some kind of jazz free-for-all.

Perisic is a jazz player. That will work somewhere. But not Inter. Not with Conte. Perisic has been given plenty of runway this preseason, slotting into that support striker role. It just hasn’t clicked:

There is interest from Monaco. A fee between £20-25 million (a far cry from the Manchester United negotiations a couple of years back) would be fair. The team can then use the money to complete a deal for Edin Dzeko. Roma refuse to budge from their £30 million asking price, despite there being only a year left on his current deal.

What would essentially amounts to an accounting deal – swapping Perisic for Dzeko – makes perfect sense, even if Perisic is a couple of years younger.

Now that we know the deal is in that £30 million range I wrote about above, Inter should be able to conclude a deal for Dzeko pretty swiftly. Finally, Conte’s squad is starting to take shape.