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Pie in the Sky Poll: Would you swap an embarrassing Champions League campaign for a final day shot at winning the league?

No guarantees.

FC Internazionale Training Session Photo by Marco Luzzani - Inter/Inter via Getty Images

Let’s be honest, most polls on most blogs are used to generate clicks and get the comments section to go back and forth. So, let’s not hide that fact. We are all adults. So, in that vein, let’s start a new tradition: the pie in the sky poll.

With this, we do nothing but vote on something that is so unlikely to happen that we can just bask in its absurdity/unlikeliness/other-worldliness. Here we can have hypothetical discussions on team building and philosophies or what not, safe in the knowledge that neither party can ever be proven wrong – as is the case with most polls, really.

The title says it all: would you swap getting dumped out the Champions League in the group stages — and all the implications, financial and otherwise, that go with that — if it guaranteed Inter a shot at winning the title on the final day of the season?

There are no guarantees Inter would win the league. That would be an easy decision. You’d have to gamble on the chance. That could mean they win that final game and still lose the title to Juve — who knows? Are my two hours of sleep catching up with me? Probably.

I’d be all for it. Conte establishing Inter as a force in domestic football again would outweigh the incentives of a final-sixteen finish in the Champions League.