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Conte chats about Vidal’s progress and overall transfer situation

FC Internazionale Training Session Photo by Emilio Andreoli - Inter/Inter via Getty Images

Antonio Conte and Inter Milan had a nice chance to regroup over the International Break. Moreso mentally than physically, but the break from the day-to-day stress that has been the disappointing performances of Inter heading into the break.

Conte chatted a bit about Arturo Vidal and the progress he expects the Chilean to make on the pitch. Then the boss shares a bit of perspective on the transfer situation Inter found themselves in over the summer.

“Vidal is a great player, he always knows what to do on the pitch. He would need two weeks of full immersion trainings but we are playing continuously and he will have to reach the best shape by playing. Arturo can’t be discussed. As for Bastoni, a technician must have a vision. Look at a guy and see what he could become.

“Coaches are never completely satisfied, don’t you know? You’ll never find one, trust me. Each of us has some situation to fix, some role that they want to cover differently, some men to adapt. It was a difficult market for everyone both in buying and selling.

“The club was clear: they said they would buy new players with proceedings of sales. My task is to work and improve the team that I have.”

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