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Is Antonio Conte’s patience & emphasis of a “journey” manager speak?

The Inter manager is more calm, and that trickles over to star management.

FC Internazionale Training Session Photo by Claudio Villa - Inter/Inter via Getty Images

Antonio Conte is known in the broader football world for passion. The images and videos of him celebrating wildly on the sidelines, the post match conferences, and short managerial terms at clubs.

In his time at Inter Milan this season we’ve still seen the passion on the sidelines. So much so in fact he’s nearing a suspension with more bookings. However, we’ve also heard a newer tone with more emphasis towards patience.

The theme has been present in his post match pressers. Constantly talking about how his time at Inter is a journey.

”We are at the start of this journey, so if some think we are at the same level as a side that was at the top for many years, then I say we’re a long way off and have to use these defeats to improve.”

There are two possibilities with Conte’s emphasis on his “journey” at Inter Milan. One, is that this is all manager speak. Conte has had some short runs at club’s and he’s learned how to work a fanbase and a board. Saying the word “journey” and being the patient guy can pay off.

The second possibility, and the more interesting one to me, is that Conte is tired of his longest stretch at a club being three years. He’s tired of the two intense years at the Italian national football team and two more scrutinized years at Chelsea. His passion for Italian football is clearly as much apart of him as his black suits. This could be his best chance at a long-term run at a large Italian football club in a pure way.

Conte could also just be someone who likes moving around every two to three years. If that’s the case, my entire theory goes out the window and is bologna. Cheers.

What do you all make of Conte’s “journey” language?


What do you all make of Conte’s patience and journey language?

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  • 36%
    All manager speak, means nothing.
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  • 64%
    He wants something long-term at Inter, part of his new vision.
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