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Antonio Conte on Christian Eriksen: “I see that he is anxious”

The boss makes it clear things are early, but no problems exist.


Antonio Conte had a pre-match presser today. The Inter Milan manager discussed how the squad was preparing in their match for Ludogorets on Thursday. The most interesting part was Conte discussing how he was having to learn to speak English again to communicate with Eriksen, and that the Danish midfielder is apparently anxious.

“Eriksen? The only thing that worries me is that I have to learn how to speak English again to communicate with him. There is senerity and will from our side to be available for him. I see that he is anxious, but no problems exist.”

Conte | Source

Conte also discussed the overall squad and how they were preparing for the match. He also confirmed some sort of rotation in the squad given the recent run of matches.

“The squad is doing well and will face the game in the best of ways. The match at the Olimpico demonstrated that only the result was missing because the performance was there. There will be rotation because it is inevitable we are playing multiple games in a short time. It is also right to give opportunities to those who have played less to show their worth. We will start tomorrow’s game with the right formation for this challenge.”

Conte | Source