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Inter are willing to adapt to this year’s strange transfer window

Inter Milan Club Badge Photo by Visionhaus

The transfer window this year is going to be a bit different for a variety of reasons. The changing economic and social landscape that Covid-19 is presenting the world with means football transfers will be changing a bit.

The first big way that the transfer window will be effected is that the window itself is likely to be extended. There have been reports of a “mega” transfer window that extended from the summer till winter months. A key reason is that teams are still uncertain as to what their financial situation will look like in a few months. There’s also uncertainty about how contracts will work if a season has to be condensed and potentially pushed back into next season’s calendar.

Inter Milan are reportedly willing and eager to adapt in order to still get the players they want. The report says that the willingness to adapt means Inter are more willing to participate in swap deals. Inter have quite a few players that are looking to leave, and creative swap deals are going to be a key part of that.