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Colonnese says Recoba could’ve been better than Ronaldo

Inter Milan’s Alvaro Recoba eyes the bal Photo credit should read FILIPPO MONTEFORTE/AFP via Getty Images

Francesco Colonnese had an interview with FCInterNews this week. The former Inter Milan defender spoke regarding a plethora of Inter topics. Specifically, the defender spoke about Alvaro Recoba. The forward played 11 years for Inter where he scored 53 goals in almost 200 appearances.

The Uruguayan footballer debuted for Inter the same day as Ronaldo, of course bringing some comparisons. Colonnese said that in fact Recoba could have been better than Ronaldo if he had a better mentality.

“He was great and could have been better than Ronaldo. He was an amazing talent and he was faster than Ronie but he did not have a top player’s mentality.”

Colonnese | Source