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Stramaccioni talks about why it went wrong at Inter

FBL-ITA-SERIEA-NAPOLI-INTER Photo credit should read ROBERTO SALOMONE/AFP via Getty Images

In an interview with Sky Sports Italy over the weekend, former Inter Milan boss Andrea Stramaccioni talked about his time as manager of the club. Specifically he discussed the protests that asked for his sacking and how things went wrong when Moratti started to think about selling.

“Unbelievable. For my part I will always thank them even if it is an unjustified demonstration. I believe that beyond the football issue, the affection of the people has gone further. Maybe it’s because of some fights I had. I represented them for that. It was a rather unfortunate year, it started with Gasperini who also had a great assistant, Juric, two great coaches. Then came Ranieri, a point of reference for the coaches, and I knew him from Roma.”

“All the more so because Moratti at that time had started thinking about selling the club. Italian faces began to frequent Pinetina. He began to explain to us that the club was for sale and this certainly brought an earthquake in a club where he was like a father. It was a team that was certainly living in uncertainty about the future. Then as a third problem I certainly put my inexperience, it was already a miracle to have survived. You need more experience to handle everything.”