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Ruben Sosa talks about Diego Godin and the strongest team he played for

UEFA CUP FINAL Soccer Photo by Steve Morton/EMPICS via Getty Images

Former Inter Milan attacker Ruben Sosa was interviewed by this week. The Inter man discussed a variety of topics. The two most interesting to me, was him talking about how strong the Inter teams he played for was.

“Inter, as I’ve always said, are the strongest team I ever played for. I had a lot of fun at Inter.”

Sosa | Source

Sosa also talked about Diego Godin and Matias Vecino.

“Godin is a great man, a leader and a professional. He is aware that Inter are a great club and although he cannot play every game now that he is no longer a boy, he always does very well in complex games. You have to play him in the most difficult matches, he is a team player.”

“As for Vecino, he is perhaps a little too serious, maybe he lacks a little bit of joy but that is probably because he cares so much about doing well and therefore puts pressure on himself.”

Sosa | Source