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Inter Ranked 14th Most Valuable Club in the World by Forbes

The Nerrazurri are one of four Italian clubs included in the top twenty

FC Internazionale new logo is seen on the stands prior to... Photo by Andrea Staccioli/Insidefoto/LightRocket via Getty Images

Much has been made of Inter’s financial situation in recent months. It’s a widely accepted fact that Inter’s owners, Suning, are in need of a capital boost to stay on top of contracts and transfer payments after the effects of the coronavirus pandemic combined with new Chinese regulations tied the Zhang family’s hands. But in Forbes 2021 ranking of the most valuable football clubs, the Nerazzurri come in at 14th, the second-highest rank for an Italian club.


Inter’s value of $743/€620 million is up 11% from 2019, though its income has of course taken a hit, while the Nerazzurri’s debt percentage of 8% is the 9th-most of the 20 teams included. Interestingly, there are no Serie A clubs in the top ten which instead boats six English Premier League clubs, two Spanish teams, and one German and French side. Much of that is thanks to higher-paying TV deals in those countries compared to Italy. Juventus is unsurprisingly the most-valued Serie A club, coming in at 11th with a value of $1.95 billion, almost double Inter’s. AC Milan ($559 million) and AS Roma ($548 million) are the other Italian teams included. As for first, it’s Barcelona that leads the list, valued at $4.76 billion, followed closely by Real Madrid ($4.75 billion).

How Inter navigates its troubled financial times and whether it can continue to build and improve upon the current team could decide whether Inter eventually makes the jump into the top ten, or if its kept in the double digits.

What stands out to you from Forbes’ list? Any surprises? Let us know in the comments below.